• Jennifer LePage, MAEd.

Learning Operations - a business name that means a lot

Learning operations is the field of creating and maintaining an ecosystem that allows an organization to learn and help its talent develop. It encompasses traditional learning technologies along with others that might be traditionally used for things such as content archiving, communications, media delivery, or customer marketing and training portals.

Learning Operations is also the use of competencies and skills to help measure and manage an organization to maintain relevancy, return on investment, and leadership to move an entire organization forward within the bounds of its mandate to customers and stakeholders.

When I started Learning Operations it was to do both of these things: provide a framework for organizations to create and manage the multitude of training and development activities they were pursuing as well as provide a methodology to create sustained and lasting growth that would benefit the employee and the organization.

Too often well-meaning companies send their well-meaning employees to a training event, conference or other professional development activity. The employee learns something because the activity has been well chosen, but does the company benefit? Does the employee change or influence change as a result of learning something new? Do they experience increased agency in their own work as a result of becoming more knowledgeable in their field? Often this is not the case.

I want learning operations to create agency. What this means is, I want the organizations we help, who create opportunities for people to learn and develop, to also create the situation in which the learner has control and opportunities to use that newfound knowledge. I want the learner and the operations team to facilitate growth for the business and the individual together. I want the learning to be more than nice to have - it should contribute to the organization's key performance measures. To play on words, I want Learning Operations to BE an Agency! :) We are in the business of helping create agency within organizations by connecting learning, technology, people, and KPIs.

  1. We have a variety of learning specialists who are capable and ready to move your company forward with learning and communication or organizational development or learning ecosystem planning. We are multidisciplinary so we retain diversity in solving problems.

  2. We believe that every action should help someone feel their own agency - their own ability to move and act freely as they see fit. Our aim is to teach our clients, to collaborate, to problem solve. Our other aim is to be respectful, disciplined, and open about our business with our colleagues and peers. We aren’t pretending because we don’t need to be bigger or more different than we are right now.

  3. We believe in pirate economics. General information should be free and should be freely given. Its value is in the creation of something new. Specific specialized information and trained perspective is not free. It should be compensated to allow respect and restitution for the person who spent all that time acquiring the knowledge and training to get where they are. This is why we hold free seminars and also charge for our work.

Learning Operations is here to help you as much as you need it. We are always open to good conversations about how to positively affect your people and your learners. We are also ready to to help map your learning and your roles and your business objectives to help make your biggest investment also your greatest asset.

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