Develop and manage your online class

Twenty years of teaching, teaching teachers, and designing learning has taught us about the differences between live classes in-person and digital. It has also taught us the difference between academic, corporate, and professional development. 
We present to you the opportunity to learn from industry standards, applied cognitive adult psychology research, and our experience to make your transition to the digital classroom smooth and professional.


Digital Facilitator Skills online

By the end of this course you will be able to distinguish the difference between facilitation, presentation and teaching. You will also be able to structure your class and differentiate the types of work and expectations for your facilitation style.


Social Learning Essentials

With our Social Learning course your participants will be creating learning communities that benefit every aspect of your organization. They will learn new behaviours through observation and modelling and be instilled with a passion for learning.


Asynchronous eLearning Essentials

With our Asynchronous eLearning workshop, you will begin to see the importance and usefulness in any organization. By absorbing the ins and outs of utilizing Asynchronous Learning, participants will possess the skills needed to take advantage of this new technology, in order to educate your participants more efficiently.