An international organization has an intense five-day program designed to help create a certified quality professional in the medical manufacturing industry. They had successfully delivered this program with industry professionals and subject matter experts for many years in face-to-face presentations and live classroom work. Participants were very successful in their work as quality professionals afterward.
With the changes that resulted from the COVID-19 crisis, classroom teaching had to stop but the need for training continued. They asked for consultation on how to convert their classroom course into a more digital experience.
We were able to help take their 5-day program and make suggestions to keep the best and most important pieces of content and experience in the live online environment. The more formative and experiential work was moved to synchronous activities to be carried out as the participants made time or in groups as timed activities in preparation for the online classroom experience.
As teachers and facilitators, we helped to make suggestions and order content for an online environment but they then had agency and liberty to create the course as they were best suited.



In creating a blended learning program, we had to take a several classroom-led sessions as well as extensive reading and online eLearning modules and create a continuous theme and storyline for the program as a whole. The content was serious and complex, so participants often lost attention or gave up due to the extensive nature of the topic of study as well as the lack of cohesion of the program overall.
We were able to work through the content with the subject matter experts and help to distill down to the main points to provide a series of testable and measurable objectives that we were able to develop into a business narrative. Using choice-based storylines, participants worked through a business case that allowed participants to work through the lessons and complex development with confidence and surety.



Our client had an ambitious expansion plan and a high employee turnover number in their frontline retail staff. We helped to move their employee turnover rate down in the first year by approximately 18%.
Our solution was to embed product training with their culture of fun and true customer service. The customer service program was well developed so creating a culture of support and building product knowledge in to the environment allowed us to design a game that would help frontline employees match customer needs to the right product with an eye to the future needs of that customer.
As a result of the training, our client reduced their turnover rate, increased customer service and product knowledge by 30% and the frontline retail employees participated in a gamified system that was both meaningful personally and helped build a culture of inclusion and collaboration.