Key Highlights from the DC Workshop: Reinventing Learning Operations

  • Learning Operations
  • By Ryan Austin
  • Published on March 31

Wow, what an incredible day we had yesterday hosting the Reinvent Learning Operations Workshop in the grand halls of the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation in Washington, DC. It was a seminal event that has left an indelible mark on the Learning & Development community.

Influential Leadership 

L&D leaders and their teams came together to engage in an intensive, think-tank style session co-led by Ryan Austin, CEO of Cognota, and the award-winning Chief Learning Officer, Sydney Savion. What made this particular event even more exciting was that it included special guest CLOs Nigel Paine, Nick Howe, Martha Soehren, Kimo Kippen, and senior leadership from SHRM, Nick Schacht, and Robb Doub from New Market Venture Partners. 

Pictured: Dr. Sydney Savion (left) and Ryan Austin (right)

The combined expertise of the participants set the stage for a day brimming with actionable strategies and transformative ideas. Adding to the richness of the workshop was its esteemed participation from a host of influential organizations, showcasing the diversity and breadth of industries aiming to elevate their L&D operations.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Identifying the 5 Stages for Successful L&D Operations
  • Aligning learning strategy, operating models, and business needs
  • Planning Learning Programs, Capacity, and Resources
  • Delivering L&D Projects and Learning Solutions
  • Measuring learning impact and return on investment
  • Optimize Ops with Data & Making Better Decisions
  • Assessing current L&D operations for gaps and improvements to establish a well-functioning and impactful LearnOps Framework
  •  Creating action plans to reinvent L&D operations

Representatives from Udemy, CGIAR, The World Bank, USAID, Cisco, Lockheed Martin, Bloomberg, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Hilton, American National Red Cross, US Venture, First National Bank, Synchrony Financial, Vanderbilt UniversityEnvestnet, Disney, among others, made for an exemplary mix of delegates. And all this was made possible not only through our collaboration but also thanks to the co-sponsorship by Schoox and Cognota.

The day's outcome was inspiring, with each participant leaving armed with a deeper understanding and concrete plans to revolutionize their L&D frameworks. 

Top Slides

Live survey of attendee's challenges with LearnOps processes

It is clear that the workshop was not just a single event, but a launchpad for ongoing innovation and excellence in learning operations across various sectors. 

Live word cloud of “Align”. Read our CEO Ryan Austin's article, "The Strategic L&D Blueprint: Leveraging Learning Operations for Competitive Advantage" for insights into alignment frameworks.

Action Planning

We are particularly excited by the forward-thinking action plans that emerged from the collaborative sessions. Participants expressed a renewed commitment to driving impactful changes within their organizations. They shared intentions to build learning advisory committees to ensure ongoing strategic alignment, design robust frameworks for data capture to enable precise analysis and impactful storytelling, and underscore the importance of investing in their L&D teams to enhance capabilities in measuring ROI and impact.

We're excited to see the ripple effects of this spectacular day's conversations and brainstorming sessions. 

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