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A Learning Operations Agency

Learning operations is the field of creating and maintaining an ecosystem that allows an organization to learn and help its talent develop. It encompasses traditional learning technologies along with others that might be traditionally be used for other things such as content archiving, communications, media delivery, or customer marketing and training portals. 

Learning Operations is also the use of competencies and skills to help measure and manage an organization to maintain relevancy, return on investment, and leadership to move an entire organization forward within the bounds of its mandate to customers and stakeholders.



Learning Architect

I have spent the past twenty years learning and teaching people and building learning practices inside organizations. When I started my career as an ESL teacher I had no idea that I would do anything else because I love helping people build confidence and find their own voice. But then I experienced learning technology and everything changed. 
Educational technology is more than just buttons and databases. It is a medium to give a learner an opportunity to practice, to share, to acquire information and live in someone else’s experience. For some this can be life changing because they can choose when and where they wish to be vulnerable to the real experience. 
Today I help organizations develop their people, align their processes but above all learn and grow to be the best that they are capable of becoming.